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Farming in the 'Hood

Over the past several years, a new approach to farming has emerged. One that is grounded in local food systems and has a close connection to the consumer. One that is crafted around ecological processes and minimal capital investment. One that uses highly sophisticated rotational planting patterns to raise yields, reduce pest pressure, and build soil fertility.

And it is happening right here at Somerton Tanks Farm, a demonstration urban farm which is pushing beyond the boundaries of traditional agriculture and taking it to places where conventional wisdom says fruits and vegetables do not belong. In its fourth year of operation, using the SPIN Farming method, we produced over $68,000 in gross sales growing high value vegetables on a half-acre—in Philadelphia, the fifth largest city in the U.S. By pushing the physical and philosophical boundaries of agriculture, it is achieving a level of productivity and financial success that many thought impossible. And it's getting others to view the role of agriculture—where and how it is practiced—differently.

Support us in staking out a new place for locally-based farming in today's global agriculture industry.

Somerton Tanks Farm. Changing views. Changing practices. Changing minds. One farmer at a time.
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