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Somerton Tanks Farm is the product of a joint venture between the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) and the Institute for Innovations in Local Farming (IILF). In 2001 PWD and the Institute merged their strategic planning and agriculture expertise to work toward their shared vision of a greener City, to minimize storm water runoff and to attract new, sustainable businesses such as vegetable farms.

PWD is an award winning, nationally respected public utility. The Department takes a comprehensive approach to develop and implement solutions to urban water pollution problems. The Institute is a non-profit corporation focused on fostering a Philadelphia based sustainable, agriculture industry on vacant, abandoned or underutilized land. The demonstration farm, housed on PWD land, employs best management practices and is a model for environmentally sound sub acre farming. Somerton Tanks Farm is the first step in building the case that entrepreneurial neighborhood farms can generate reliable jobs, tax revenues, healthy food and enhance our communities.



Somerton Tanks Farm. Changing views. Changing practices. Changing minds. One farmer at a time.
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